Our Work

K. J. Ross & Associates (KJ Ross) is the expert in finding faults in critical software applications.

KJ Ross assist clients by bring knowledge and solutions to a testing engagement. We build and retain IP for clients by using employees and methodologies to provide a standardised repeatable service  

KJ Ross offers a varied suite of services across the Software Development Life Cycle, all focused on Quality and testing.  KJ Ross brings and retains IP for customers by using a common methodology and employees.

To offer our clients the total SDLC solution KJ Ross has set up an Associates network of companies of similar culture and dedication to delivery to supplement KJ Ross’ skills sets.

KJ Ross can help reduce overall software project costs and time. We provide advice on how to most effectively optimise quality and testing through strategy, team development, process and organisational improvement.

Case Studies

Learn how we have helped organisations with their testing and quality assurance projects via our case studies.

KJ Ross and the SDLC/ALM

& Design


System Testing

Quality Assurance

User Acceptance Testing

Production & Support

Requirements Validation BTA

Structured Unit Testing

System Test Management & Reporting

QA Test Management & Reporting

UAT Management

Release Management

Methodology Definition

Test Driven Development

Functional Testing

Regression Testing

Acceptance Testing & Usability

End-User Performance Monitoring

Requirement Elicidation

Coding Quality Automation Outcomes

Component & Integration Testing

Test Automation

User Security Testing

Post Production Application Support

System Design

Code Development

Environment & Test Data Management

Load & Performance Testing

System Security Testing & Penetration

Operations Management