Database Consultants Australia Case Study

Database Consultants Australia achieved NeHTA’s Secure Message Delivery (SMD) Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation program success via the KJ Ross NATA accredited ICT test laboratory for its ConnectingCare and WSMA2 software. Please download a PDF version of this case study here.


Database Consultants Australia (DCA) is a database development, data management and software development company specialising in providing business critical customer management applications for organisations locally and internationally. The Northern Territory Department of Health and Families awarded DCA the tender to provide a territory-wide infrastructure to support secure exchange of health records based on the NeHTA Secure Message Delivery (SMD) specification. Their solution would have to be conformance tested by a NATA accredited independent test lab, K. J. Ross & Associates (KJ Ross).

DCA developed two SMD applications for this project: WSMA2 a dll API that wraps around the core SMD functionality and ConnectingCare a comprehensive web-based directory and exchange. It was a critical requirement that DCA acquire NeHTA SMD conformance for these applications. This would set DCA apart from its competitors by having the first and only applications to be NeHTA SMD conformant in the country.

SMD conformance for ConnectingCare and WSMA2 ensured that DCA could provide secure e-health exchange services for the Northern Territory Department of Health and Families, as well as future clients utilising the ConnectingCare gateway.


KJ Ross performed analysis of the Implementation Conformance Statement provided by DCA in conjunction with the functionality displayed by the two applications, ConnectingCare and WSMA2 to determine the appropriate test cases for SMD conformance.

KJ Ross utilised the SMD conformance testing scheme and test tools provided by NeHTA to efficiently carry out on-site conformance testing of both DCA products, ConnectingCare and WSMA2 in just a few days.

Through analysis of the results obtained from conformance testing KJ Ross were able to confirm a 100% pass rate for both applications. KJ Ross delivered a Conformance Report to DCA who were able to make a successful declaration of conformance included in the National e-Health Register confirming their landmark achievement of the first company to achieve NeHTA SMD conformance.


  • KJ Ross was the first test lab to perform formal SMD conformance testing
  • Successful conformance testing for both ConnectingCare and WSMA2
  • Testing completed in one week
  • DCA able to register conformance with National e-Health Register
  • WSMA2 and ConnectingCare the first applications to achieve NeHTA SMD conformance