Australian Test Managers Forum

 Australian Test Managers Forum (TMF)

TMF 2009 Discussions The Test Managers Forum (TMF) is an event for leading test managers to share experiences and lessons learned, build networks, and provide leadership withrespect to the trends and practices.

This forum has been put together to personally invite 30 - 40 experienced test managers from some of Australia’s leading organisations to share experiences and discover unique approaches to making software testing teams more effective, efficient and highly regarded.

The forum is based around a facilitated programme highly focused on the roles and responsibilities of the test manager.

Sessions are either workshop style team exercises or participant led case studies. For each participant led case study session there are typically 2 presentations, followed by a facilitated discussion. This helps the attendees analyse the presentations to ascertain the lessons learned and best practices associated with the area. Sessions are interactive with opportunities for discussion.

To read about the Test Managers Forum held in Sydney on May 8 & 9, check out this page on the website.