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Dr Kelvin Ross

This blog provides Kelvin's commentary on interesting developments in the software testing and evaluation community.  It comes from his experience through working on projects, discussions with like minded professionals, and reading numerous feeds to which he subscribes.

Hot Topics

KJ Ross & Associates explores various hot-topic themes for the testing and quality assurance community throughout the year.

The themes often relate to common challenges faced by test professionals, or emerging technologies likely to impact software testing.

To assist in addressing these issues, we provide various resources such as white-papers and webinars, in addition to numerous professional development opportunities.

Below is an archive of previous hot-topics presented by KJ Ross. For the current hot topic, visit our home page.

  • Crash Test Your Requirements - It's been more than 30 years since Deming and Boehm achieved fame for their publications on Quality.  Many more have followed, but all shared similar lessons with respect to requirements
  • Are you experiencing a skills gap? - Findings from the Ross Report project an increase in the growth of testing that will see a demand for 1500 – 2000 additional test professionals over the next two years.
  • All the gear and no idea? - Many organisations have invested thousands of dollars into Test Automation tools that have never really met business expectations. Test teams often lack the skills to develop a framework and then maintain it.
  • Feeling Tested? - Are you experiencing  frustrations when managing testing on your projects?
  • Finding Defects Too Late? - In recent times we have seen high profile examples of the impact that software defects can have on organisations. A focus by these companies on early error detection may have prevented such results and avoided any lasting damage to their reputation.