Are these the kinds of frustrations you are having in managing testing on your projects?
  • Quality and Testing out of control?
  • No visibility on progress of testing and evaluation?
  • No clear strategy as to what level of testing is required?
  • Unknown level of risk at release?
  • Finding out too late that quality is not good enough ?
  • No consistent approach to quality and governance across projects?
  • Unclear on who is responsible for quality and testing?
  • Estimates and budgets are lacking?
  • Unclear on whether testing is conducted efficiently?
  • Separate testing activities are not coordinated?
  • Accessing appropriate skills and resources is ad-hoc?

If so, it is time to get your quality assurance and testing organised.  Through effective management of quality and testing you will acheive better quality outcomes with:
  • Reduced production risks
  • Quicker time-to-market
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater confidence
  • Higher project success

To get testing under control, you need to "Get Organised" and "Manage Testing".  Hence from February to April 2010, K. J. Ross & Associates focused on quality and test management issues under the theme of "Get Organised, Manage Testing". 

Depending on your focus, quality and test management issues are tackled at two levels, the organisation and project levels.  We provide training and capability at either of these 2 levels.


What senior management (CIOs, Project and Test Directors) need to do to control testing across multiple projects, programmes and portfolios. This includes issues such as responsibilities, processes, governance, reporting, resourcing, budgeting and metrics.

What Test and Project managers need to do to control testing for their individual projects. This includes issues such as test strategy, risk assessment, estimation and budgeting, planning and scheduling, progress tracking, reporting.

K. J. Ross & Associates can provide you with all the knowledge, skills, capability and resources to manage your quality and testing.  We can help you do-it-yourself through knowledge sharing, training, coaching and mentoring, focused consulting, process improvement and skilled test manager secondments.  Or if your want to outsource we can manage your quality and testing by part-time facilitation, team augmentation or outsourcing the entire testing outcome to our accredited test laboratory, or on-site team placement.