Have you tried Test Automation before and it never really took off?
Does your team have the skills to maintain a Test Automation framework?

Many organisations have invested thousands of dollars into Test Automation tools that have never really met business expectations. Test teams often lack the skills to develop a framework and then maintain it.

K. J. Ross & Associates can help get test automation working for you by:

Providing a Proof of Concept
We’ll talk to you about:
  • What needs to be automated
  • Where should you start
  • What tools are available to meet your needs
  • What would be your expected Return On Investment
Developing, Implementing and Maintaining an Automation Framework
We have a number of consultants with specific expertise in Test Automation and we can help your organisation develop and implement a framework and provide on-going maintenance and support through the evolution of the process.

Training, Coaching and Mentoring
One of the key issues for organisations when implementing a Test Automation Framework is having the internal capability to maintain the system. We can help with your staff development through our range of public and in house training courses – many of which have a strong automation focus. We can also help coach and mentor key members of your team to ensure that the investment you made in developing a Test Automation solution has long term benefits for your organisation.

Test Automation Resources

Our new webinar entitled “From Getting Burned to Getting Returns” is now available online. Take 13 minutes to learn:
  • How to overcome the ”Test Automation Hype Cycle” 
  • The 4 Critical Success Factors in successful automation implementation
  • What is the best practice approach to test automation
  • How we implemented a successful automation framework that now runs 250,000 test cases every night
The webinar will take you through the first steps in getting you on the road to successful Test Automation.

Watch the Test Automation Webinar now

White Paper
Our expert consultants have just finished writing a new white paper focusing on Test Automation. Please complete the request form and we'll email you a copy.


Want to know more?

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