Testing Games

Bug Fix Bingo is a fun testing game created by K. J. Ross & Associates. The game is based on the traditional bingo game yet with a software testing twist. Instead of using numbers, participants in Bug Fix Bingo use statements from developers in defect review meetings to mark off squares. Statements such as "It works on my machine" and "Its never done that before".

Bug Fix Bingo is available in a variety of sizes and formats and is available free of charge. So download and print your copy of Bug Fix Bingo, and pin it up in the test environment, we are sure that you will enjoy it.

You can contact us with general feedback on the game, new quotes that you have heard or just to let us know how the developers are reacting.

Bug Fix Bingo Mouse Pads
All the fun of Bug Fix Bingo is now available on a mouse pad! If you'd like some mouse pads for your testing team, just send us an email at info@kjross.com.au and we'll send them to you free of charge.