Webinars provide an ideal mechanism to bring learning and knowledge transfer right to your desktop.  K. J. Ross & Associates provide live and recorded webinars that you can access from the internet.  This provides an ideal way for you to look at new methodologies, tools and technologies.

Live webinars allow you to interact with the presenter, ask questions, sometime participate in the tool execution.  It gives you a classroom feel, without leaving the office and incurring the travel overhead.

Recorded webinars provide a permanent resource that you can access on demand.  This is useful to come back and revisit the concept or demonstration, or even to show it to your colleagues and managers.

Visit our range of recorded webinars below...

"Test Automation: From Getting Burned to Getting Returns" - Dr Mark Pedersen

In this presentation Dr Mark Pedersen runs through some of the critical challenges typically encountered in test automation and suggests practical steps to avoid them. Key points covered include best practices around adopting a scalable and maintainable approach to test automation, how to ensure a better return on investment from your automation efforts, and suggestions for how to get started with test automation.

"Early Defect Detection" - Dr Kelvin Ross

In this presentation Dr Kelvin Ross discusses the excess costs of our current approach to defect detection. Most defects are found late in the software lifecycle during the testing phase.  Through changing our approach and introducing early error detection techniques into the lifecycle we can reduce defect find and fix costs by over 40% and reduce overall software development costs by over 20%.

"Test Management - Software Testing Industry Benchmark - Interim Results" - Dr Kelvin Ross

In this presentation Dr Kelvin Ross shares research data and perceptions which reveals how Australian Industry approach software testing. A particular focus of the presentation is analysis of software test management issues derived from the research.
It was a presentation to the Test Managers Forum Special Interest Group Meeting in Melbourne on 15 Feb 2010. 

"What Is Model Based Testing" - Dr Kelvin Ross

Are you stalled in your test automation?

  • You have not succeeded in scaling it up to run hundreds or thousands of test cases
  • Finding it difficult to achieve coverage of complex combinations
  • Challenged to reuse tests in different scenarios
  • Lacking experience to design good automated test scenarios that find bugs
  • Spending too much time scripting and not executing strategic test scenarios

Model based testing supercharges automated testing to a higher level. It uses a model of the system under test to automatically identify the tests to be automated. This way you go beyond traditional automation to not only automate the test case execution, but also automate the actual test cases to be executed.

This 45 minute presentation will provide a quick overview of Model-Based Testing, and demonstrate how our free tool can be used to support the process.

Attendees will be provided download access for the open-source tool demonstrated.