Health Industry Exchange

About This Project


HIE aimed to be one of the first clinical information software systems vendor and developer, to obtain NeHTA’s HI Compliance, Conformance and Accreditation (CCA) via the K. J. Ross & Associates (KJ Ross) NATA Accredited Test Lab. HIE is an Australian company developing eHealth software infrastructure for the primary care sector. The company is the developer and vendor of ‘HIE Synch’ software, which is employed by health professionals and medical institutions, it was a critical requirement for HIE Ltd to have this software accredited to the NeHTA HI conformance specifications and Australian standard. ‘HIE Synch’ software accreditation meant this software could assure the safe use of HI by other integrated health software systems. These NeHTA conformance requirements apply to software systems which directly or indirectly accesses the Medicare HI Service.




KJ Ross was able to perform independent formal conformance testing of the ‘HIE Synch’ software to ensure its technical compliance to NeHTA specifications and standards. Some of the elements involved in carrying out the conformance testing

  • Analysis of the Developers Implementation Conformance Statement (ICS) to ensure correctness of the HIE Synch capabilities and conformance requirements
  • Robust application testing using NeHTAs HI conformance test specifications to detect correct and incorrect software HI behaviour
  • Assessment of conformance to ensure the first software version release of a HIE Synch met NeHTA’s HI conformance requirements and Australian standards in line with the 2010 Healthcare Identifiers act and regulation legislation
  • Producing a test summary report that in the case of HIE Synch confirmed the software’s conformance

In carrying out this project under the guidance of the NeHTA HI Conformance Assessment scheme, KJ Ross was able to perform independent conformance testing within a controlled test environment and ensure all conformance requirements were adhered to by the software, when providing the successful test summary report.

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