Let our experts train yours.

Practical skills and industry certifications based on
real world experience.


We offer flexible live virtual training and ongoing in-house training so you and your team can update existing skills or expand them to become certified in new software systems and testing methodologies.


Choose from an extensive range of specialised training courses and software testing certification courses that can be run either in-house at your offices or live on-line.


We pride ourselves in our practical coaching capabilities building the trainee’s skill base so they are fully prepared for their given role. All of our trainers are practicing software testing specialists, with practical real world experience to back up their training delivery skills and course material.


LVT and in-house courses tailored to your specific requirements.


We can schedule LVT and in-house courses timed to suit you and your team, and are happy to tailor any training program to meet your specific requirements.

Training with KJ Ross.

Courses offered are available in multiple formats to suit your needs—online as virtual learning, or on-site at your company. Our current courses:

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Knowledge transfer today.

Knowledge Transfer has been reducing over the past few years due to time limitations and budget restraints. We recognised that knowledge transfer must continue if our industry is to continue to provide important contribution to the IT sector.

To meet this vital challenge, we have made heavy investments in designing and developing new current technology methods by which to transfer knowledge, instantly, conveniently, from anywhere, at any time with significant cost reductions.

We introduce Live Virtual Training (LVT)

We also understand that many organisations have a preference for an “In House” customised course based on an accredited certified course and have a dedicated team of professional consultants to meet this requirement. By joining our Loyalty Plan, a great part of your Knowledge Transfer costs are eliminated. Many of our clients who use or large range of professional services, generate significant loyalty points to provide training costs or augment where budgets are not available

Live Virtual Training – comfort & convenience.

Delivered live via our feature-rich online training platform, KJ Ross’ Live Virtual Training (LVT) courses offer you the flexibility to attend training sessions with a real instructor, without having to take any time off work or traveling to specific training locations. We know that finding time to attend training courses that don’t clash with your project commitments can be challenging, so our LVT courses provide you with the ability to uplift your capabilities from anywhere you have an internet connection, such as from the comfort and convenience of your office or home.

KJ Ross currently offers a variety of software testing courses live online, such as:


  • ISTQB Foundation
  • Agile testing & test management
  • Mobile testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Test environment management

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Training sessions run for approximately two hours, two times per week and you can complete a full course in 5 weeks or less. Plus if you miss a session you can access catch up via lesson recordings so you don’t miss out. Our sessions are presented by our most experienced trainers to ensure you receive the very highest quality and value in the courses you attend.

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Corporate Sponsored & Supported Packages.

We recognise that many clients are committed to up skilling their staff, either through contributing to courses the team wish to attend, recommending to undertake undertake specific courses that are believed beneficial, or a combination of both.


KJ Ross can assist with the best matched plan to assist with this corporate commitment. Speak to one of training specialist about our LVT corporate plans.

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In-house courses tailored to you.

Looking to offer training in-house for your staff? We are happy to tailor and schedule any of our training programs to meet your specific requirements. Speak to one of our training specialist today.

Our current courses:

Intermediate Courses

  • Practical Agile Tester
  • Practical Agile Test Management
  • Practical Test Automation
  • Practical Load and Performance Testing
  • Practical Test Management
  • Practical Test Project Management
  • Writing CodedUI Tests for Microsoft
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Practical Mobile Application Testing

Introductory Courses

  • ISTQB Foundation
  • Practical Software Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Introduction to Microsoft test Manager and Visual Studio 2012

Advanced Courses

  • Managed Test Environments
  • Building a Test Centre of Excellence
  • Practical Usability and WCAG 2.0
  • Compliance Testing

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